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Occupancy of Non bookable rooms via sensors
Occupancy of Non bookable rooms via sensors
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
Updated over a week ago

A key area of RICOH Spaces is its interactive Floorplan. This floorplan gives users a range of functionality, one of which is the ability to see which workspaces or rooms have been booked and by whom.

If a customer integrates IoT sensors into RICOH Spaces, the functionality can be taken further by highlighting when a workspace or room is being occupied but has not been booked.

From the homepage, navigate to Organisation Settings and select the correct location. From the Manage Location, sub-menus select Spaces. You will be presented with a list of all Spaces, from where you can edit properties.

Select a Space to Edit.

From the Space Details page, you can set the – Use Occupancy as Availability switch.

Space Enabled

  • A disabled space cannot be interacted with, if a disabled space is clicked or hovered on the floor plan the user will be advised that This space is non bookable.

  • If a space is not enabled, then the Space cannot be bookable.

Space Bookable

This field will give users the ability to define whether a space can be booked or not.

  • If a space is not bookable it can still be interacted with via the floorplan, it will show the hover dialog and allow the booking panel to be opened.

  • The Booking Panel will confirm that the space is not bookable.

Space Enabled and Space Bookable

By activating the Space Enabled and Space Bookable switches, users can interact with the floorplan, and allow the booking panel to be opened.

Users can select any Space and continue with their booking process as normal.

Use Occupancy as Availability

This switch will allow users to visibly see when a space is being utilised by another user through IoT sensor data. This can be enabled or disabled for all enabled workspaces and should be disabled by default.

  • When enabled all non-bookable spaces will show as Green (not currently occupied) or Red (currently occupied).

  • If a space is bookable and does not use IOT sensors, then it will show as orange if not booked by a user at the time.

  • When a non-bookable workspace is occupied via IoT sensors rather than displaying as orange on the floorplan it will show as red.

Other considerations

  • If a space is Enabled, Bookable and set up to use occupancy as availability, booked workspaces will still show as Red on the floorplan even if the space is unoccupied.

We won’t check that there’s a sensor before letting the user set the use occupancy as an availability flag.

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