Phase 1: Project Kick Off
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
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We will ask you to complete a spreadsheet providing all the information required about your company and your office locations to be included in RICOH Spaces.

If you have purchased a Customer Success Manager package, within 2 weeks of receiving your customer information and your floor plans we will hold a Project Kick Off Call. The aims of this meeting are:

Introductions & Overview

Introduce your Customer Implementation Manager who will be responsible for the delivery of the RICOH Spaces software solution.

Provide an overview of the RICOH Spaces Implementation Project.

Review Your Order

To confirm we are delivering the products and features that you are expecting

Review Your Floor Plan(s)

To clarify any outstanding questions

Plan Sign Off

We will ask you to confirm that you are happy that we understand how your floor plans should look. If, after sign off, you need any changes to the floor plans these may be subject to a Change Request fee.

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