Phase 3: RICOH Spaces Handover
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We aim to hand over your RICOH Spaces Workspace within 2 weeks of your Plan Sign Off (see Phase 1: Project Kick-Off). The handover you receive depends upon whether you have purchased one of our Customer On-Boarding Packages.

Going It Alone

If you have not bought an onboarding package you will receive an email when your RICOH Spaces workspace is ready. The workspace will contain:

  • The Requested Location(s)

  • Floor Plan(s)*

  • Bookable Desks*

  • Bookable Parking Spaces*

  • A Global Administrator

The Global administrator can then:

  • Add further administrators (either Global or Location Admins) or other roles as required

  • Set up bookable rooms

  • Set up zones

  • Set up booking policies

  • Print QR codes

  • Create System Groups (or import AD Groups)

  • Assign desks, parking or zones to people (or System Groups or AD Groups)

  • Make any spaces non bookable as required

  • Add photographs to locations or spaces

Our Help Centre articles are here to assist you.

On-Boarding or Enhanced Package

If you have bought one of our On-boarding Packages we will set up a Handover Meeting to guide you through the steps needed to complete your booking and policy configuration.

Handover Meeting

This meeting will cover the following items and is aimed at the person (or people) who are going to administer RICOH Spaces for your organisation:

  • Desk Bookings

    • Booking a desk

    • Booking a desk for someone else

    • Disabling/Re-enabling desks

    • Assigning desks to people

  • Groups

    • Setting up System Groups

    • Assigning desks to groups

  • Meeting Rooms

    • Setting up meeting rooms

    • Booking meeting rooms

    • Days to sync calendar

  • Booking Policies

  • Printing QR Codes

  • Roles

  • Visitor Management

  • Way-finding Screens

  • Insights & Reporting


Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager will look after you during the start of your RICOH Spaces journey. The level of support that you receive from your Customer Success Manager is dependent upon the Onboarding Package purchased with your RICOH Spaces order. During the handover meeting we will schedule a date and time for your Review Meetings.

Ongoing Help

  • How to access the Help Centre

  • How to log a support ticket

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