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Phase 2: RICOH Spaces Set Up
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
Updated over a week ago

Ricoh Actions

Following the approval of your marked up floor plans we will:

  • Create your customer workspace and/or location(s) within RICOH Spaces

  • Send you any instructions on any IT actions that you need to take (see below)

  • Convert your floor plans to the RICOH Spaces format and upload them to your workspace (this usually takes around 10 days following approval of your marked up floor plans)

Your Actions

Once your workspace has been set up you’ll be able to login with your work email account at or (depending on which region your RICOH Spaces workspace is to be hosted)

Single Sign On

You may need your IT support team to allow 3rd party sign in to the application, if not you’ll log right in. If you do need approval your IT team can login to the system and grant access on behalf of the organisation, they will need to do this on both the mobile app and web app.

Send this link to your IT administrator for full instructions on how to get started.

Calendar Integration

In order to allow Ricoh Spaces to check meeting room availability and book rooms, it needs to be granted access to your company’s room calendars. The process for doing this differs depending on whether you use Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace Calendars. Please ask your IT Administrator to follow the relevant instructions:

Help Centre

We have full admin documentation online here which will take you through the steps beyond what we’ve already configured for you.

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