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Room booking with the Outlook add-in
Room booking with the Outlook add-in
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
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Once you have the RICOH Spaces Outlook add-in installed. You'll be able to easily find meeting rooms for your meeting directly within Outlook.

Note: Outlook Add-in is only supported within RICOH Spaces EU Data Host Region.

Note: Your Outlook version may look different from the screens below.

In this guide

Getting started

You access the Outlook add-in from the new event view within your calendar


Note: Please, select the region they want to use the Outlook add-in in.

Finding a room

Once you are logged in, you'll see a list of rooms for your home location. You can switch this easily by selecting the name of the location in the menu. You can also use a list of filters to further filter your selection.


The list of rooms displays will showcase their availability, this is if the room is available within the start and end time your Outlook event is set to.

Note: The room availability will only be shown for the current date not any future dates

Note: Should the rooms not be assigned to you or are non-bookable, they will show as unavailable.


Adding a room to your event

Once you've found the room you're looking for, simply hit the plus icon to add it to your event.


You can now create your event as normal and the room will be invited to your meeting. You will see the booking in RICOH Spaces & Outlook as you normally would.

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