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Mark meeting as Private
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
Updated over a week ago

RICOH Spaces allows for meetings to be marked as private.

Note: Private meetings can only be created through the web, but they are honoured in the mobile application.

Note: Meetings that are marked as private in Outlook will be marked as private automatically within Spaces.

How to mark a meeting as private

1. From the Floorplan or Schedule, select a meeting room for the Event panel to appear. Fill in the required event details.

2. Meetings are by default public. To mark a meeting as private, click on Public and select the other option, Private.


3. Confirm by selecting Create Event.

If you no longer wish the meeting to be private, you can edit the booking and select the Public option.

Once a private meeting is created, it can easily be identified in the Schedule tab in Spaces as a lock icon is displayed at the beginning of the event title.


From the Room Schedule, only the meeting host can open the private meeting booking to see and amend the detail. Other users including admins who try and access a private booking will be presented with a dialog box informing them that the meeting is private and they do not have permission to access it, as illustrated below.

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