RICOH Spaces & Intune
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The RICOH Spaces phone app integrates with Microsoft InTune and detects whether a device is compliant during the Login Process. This enables customers to create stricter security measures inside their Azure AD and CA policies.

Note: this is only required for Android devices

Getting RICOH Spaces ready for Intune.

First, open the new Intune Endpoint Manager portal and navigate to the Apps area. Once inside the Apps area, you select the Android platform. At this point, previously configured apps will show.


Let's start by adding a new app. Click the + Add button and select Managed Google Play app as the app type. You will now be navigated to the Managed Google Play store for your organisation.


You can simply search for RICOH Spaces and then select it.


Once selected, all that is left to do is assign the app to the users or groups you want to have access to it. Navigate back to Apps and the Android platform once again. Select the RICOH Spaces app from the list and click properties. Finally, edit the Assignments and add any users and groups that you want.


Once you've finished click Review + save then Save one more time.

That's it. You've added RICOH Spaces as an available application to your managed Android users.

Note: It can take a few hours for the InTune store to update with the available apps.

Downloading the App.

Once the above steps are completed you will want your employees to download and use your nominated App(s). They will need to use an InTune managed device and make sure they are using the Work Profile area of the phone. They can open the Work Profile Google Play store, search for RICOH Spaces and simply download it.

It is important to use the RICOH Spaces app from the Work Profile area of the phone. If they don't the phones compliance status won't be shown and therefore any CA (Confidential Access) policies will be rejected.

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