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Written by Kiren Dosanjh
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When syncing your availability with RICOH Spaces we'll need access to some information from your Azure Active Directory. We use the latest methods advised by Microsoft to ensure this is as secure as possible.

You can access more information from Microsoft here.

1) Adding the O365 App

When connecting RICOH Spaces to Azure you'll see a dialog box showing the permissions RICOH Spaces needs.


A full breakdown on what the permissions mean can be seen here from Microsoft. These permissions are required for RICOH Spaces to get full availability of meeting rooms.

Full information on setting up the Office 365 application is in our article here.

2) Locking down Mailboxes

You may have noticed in the screenshot above, that it requests access to all mailboxes, this is because we don't know what your mailboxes are.

You can lock down RICOH Spaces to only have access to mailboxes that you want us to see by following this guide from Microsoft. This means that we can only see what you want us to see.

When we read the mailboxes we only read the mailboxes you configure in the RICOH Spaces application in the Spaces section, and when we do, we are only able to see who has booked the room and when. We are unable to see what the meeting subject or agenda is keeping all of your confidential information safe.

You can disconnect the application at any time from your Azure Portal or through our RICOH Spaces application.

3) Privacy

We value privacy and continually work hard with security partners and our own Cyber Security Team to ensure RICOH Spaces is the safest application it can be.

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