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Installing the Outlook add-in via Microsoft 365
Installing the Outlook add-in via Microsoft 365
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
Updated over a week ago

Note: If you cannot perform elements of this guide please contact your company IT team.

The Outlook add-in can be installed for a number of users in bulk via Microsoft 365. This not only reduces the risk of the wrong add-in being installed but also reduces the amount of time it takes for each user to install the add-in.

Installing the add-in

  1. To install the add-in navigate to the M365 Admin Portal.

  2. Once logged in select "Settings" then "Integrated apps".

  3. You can now select to install a new app by selecting "Upload a custom app".

  4. You are then prompted to choose the method you wish to install the app from the following two options:

5. Once the method has been chosen and the add-in has been validated click "Next" and select the users you want to install the add-in for.

6. We recommend choosing a small number of users in the first instance by searching for a specific user or group.


7. Once the users or groups have been selected click "Next" and accept the permissions requested by the add-in.


8. Finally, select "Finish deployment" to start the add-in rollout process.

Editing the rollout

After the initial rollout has been successful, you can edit the deployment and expand the add-in to more users. To do this navigate to the "Integrated apps" section of M365 Admin, Select the RICOH Spaces Outlook add-in application and click "Edit users". You will be presented with a screen allowing you to install the add-in for the entire organisation or to add more users and groups to the existing deployment.

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