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Microsoft Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Microsoft Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Written by Kiren Dosanjh
Updated over a week ago

It's common practice for a company to have a number of Azure AD Policies set up, which set out a number of rules that need to be met before a user can interact with their internal systems.

When policies are set up they can cause issues with signing in via the RICOH Spaces mobile application, this is evident by the below message:

"You can't get there from here"


This message is misleading and doesn't actually tell the user how to resolve the issue. The steps below will guide you through fixing this issue.

1) Why Does this happen?

Before explaining how to resolve this, let's explain why it happens. Two commonly used policies in the Conditional Access area are "Require Approved Client App" and "Require terms of use". Both of these policies cause issues during the login process and will contribute to causing the above error.

2) How to Fix It?

First you need to decide whether MFA is required for Authentication via the RICOH Spaces application, if it isn't then jump straight to Exclude From Policy steps, otherwise follow below:

3) Create a RICOH Spaces Policy

A new custom policy for RICOH Spaces needs to be created:

1) Name it something you will remember. We recommend RICOH Spaces App.

2) Assign the RICOH Spaces App as a selected cloud app.


3) Configure MFA as an Access Control grant


4) Exclude from Policy

You now want to ensure that any other policies don't apply when using the RICOH Spaces app, to do this you need to exclude RICOH Spaces from any policy with "All Cloud Apps" selected.


5) Testing

Once the above steps have been completed it is wise to test the policies to ensure the correct ones apply, to do this use the What If functionality in Azure AD. With What If it is possible to specify a user, an app, and see what policies apply.


If you have followed the above steps to create a new policy, you should see only that one in this list. If not this list should be empty.

When working with the Policies it is wise to allow time between editing and testing. This allows for any policy changes to finish saving.

That's it! You are done! 🎉

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