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Information around permission management and how RICOH Spaces interacts with your account.

When configuring your service accounts, RICOH Spaces can only sync and create resources you allow.

For events booked through RICOH Spaces, the booking user will be the organiser on your behalf and these permissions are given by default. If RICOH Spaces is unable to edit the organiser's event for some reason, it will fall back to updating the room calendar's version.

For these reasons, we need permission to book on behalf of your users to give a seamless experience regardless of, if, the user books from the Room Panel, Web or the Mobile app.

Recommended Option - Super Admin

You do not have to give your booking user super admin privileges to use RICOH Spaces, however, it will make managing permissions much easier and not need you to manage every calendar individually.

Give your booking user "Super Admin" privileges in G Suite. This will allow it to edit all resource and user calendars in your Google account instead of requiring each to grant permissions explicitly. From the Google Admin panel, find it under Admin Roles.

What access does the account have?

We use the Google OAuth flow to get a token to use when interacting with your G Suite account, these scopes are limited to the ones you allow for the account and depend on how you configure the account. No matter what permission you give the account, RICOH Spaces will never do anything outside of the operations you ask for.

Note: According to Google, after assigning the super administrator role to a user, it may take up to 2 weeks for those permissions to take effect.

Option 2 - Share Each Calendar

You can share each calendar with the booking account you created, there is a guide from Google on how to manage this here.

  1. Open Google Calendar. Within the My Calendars on the left, find the resource calendar you want to allow users in RICOH Spaces to edit. If it's not already there, add the resource to your "My Calendars" list.

  2. Click on "Settings and sharing" next to the calendar you'd like managed in RICOH Spaces.

  3. Under the "Share with specific people" section, add your organization's booking account by email. Under the permissions dropdown, pick "Make changes and manage to share".

  4. Now RICOH Spaces will be able to automatically edit events on the calendar's behalf. Repeat for all of your resource calendars.

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