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Inside V2 🔎 - Reimagining Visitor Management
Inside V2 🔎 - Reimagining Visitor Management
Written by Kiren Dosanjh-Dixon
Updated over a week ago

Managing visitors is a breeze with our new V2 enhancements 🎫

We've had fantastic feedback and suggestions from our customers over the last 12 months, which has resulted in some really exciting new features within our new Visitor Management.

Address Book

Our key area of feedback was the ability for admins to only have to add visitor details once. The importance of having visitor information on file leads to seamless management and sign-in.

We are therefore introducing the new Address Book!

  • Visitor information will now be saved for future visits

  • Visitor records can be updated at any time ensuring they can be kept up to date

  • You will be able to tag a visitor (with a free text field providing you with the flexibility to match internal processes) to allow for complex searching

  • Visitors can be saved as “private” meaning they will be added to the address book and visible to admins but won’t show up in any search results


The second largest area of feedback was regarding the ability to expand out to book across several dates, and support the addition of several visitors in one flow.

We're achieving this, and more!

  • Multiple visitors can be added in the same flow (providing all the detail is correct for all)

  • Multiple dates can be added in the same flow (providing all the detail is correct for all)

  • We’ve added the ability to check in and out throughout the day whilst remaining signed in. This is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of who is in the building at any given time.

  • We’ve provided visibility of all the important visitor information such as daily pass status, bookings assigned to the visitor, mobile number and car registration plate.

  • Full flexibility on what you see. By using the “Edit Columns” functionality, you're in control of how the visitor table looks.

Take a look at the full prototype here and don’t forget to swap to see all the different flows using the middle icon!



Your feedback is important to us, it's what has fuelled all the changes you will see in V2. If you would like to discuss any of the areas above simply "Submit Idea" on our Ricoh Spaces Roadmap and let us know in the comments if you're happy to be contacted directly for further information.

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