Pro DVX panel configuration
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We have full integration capability with Pro DVX screens. The Pro DVX screens provide additional features that you don't get with other tablets such as; POE, LED Integration and Module Add-ons to name a few.

This article will talk you through the steps required to configure a Pro DVX screen and a few additional hints and tips that will make your experience better.


  • Check the time and date are set correctly.

Go to Settings, then System then select Date & Time. We recommend keeping Automatic Date & Time enabled but changing the time zone to match your own. Select Time zone and find the correct one in the list.

  • Change the language to the local language of the office if necessary.

When using the Smart Display for Visitor Registration changing the local language will also set the dialling code prefix for visitor mobile numbers.

  • Hide status bar

We find the tablet appears better without the notification and bottom bars, this gives the apps a full-screen view.

Go to Settings, then Display open Advanced area. Finally, select Hide Status Bar option.


The ProDVX should be delivered with the RICOH Spaces MDM (Mobile Device Manager) installed. You can verify it is installed by opening the app drawer and looking for the Fusion EMM Agent application.

If it's not installed download the Fusion EMM APK and install it on the ProDVX tablet.

Once installed open the application and accept all the permissions requested. Once the permissions have been accepted you will be asked to enter a Server IP and Token, enter the following details

  • Server IP -

  • Token ID - 1v0xsc

Once this has been successfully set up the panel will ask for more setting changes such as; enabling accurate location settings, disabling battery optimisation and so on.

Note: if you are asked to enable something that is already enabled, turn it off and on again.

Splashtop Streamer

Splashtop enables our secure remote access through both a Streamer application and device specific add-on applications.

If Streamer is not installed, download the Streamer apk and install it on the ProDVX tablet.

For full capability, the ProDVX add-on apk must also be installed.

Once the process has been completed the MDM has been installed and registered and should now be accessible remotely by the RICOH support team.

RICOH Smart Displays

RICOH Smart Display is a multi-purpose native application offering feature rich environments to enhance the RICOH Spaces workplace platform.

If Smart Displays is not installed, download the Smart Displays apk and install it on the ProDVX tablet.

Next Steps

In order to complete the configuration you need to tell us the serial number and location of each display. In order to do this please:

1. Complete this spreadsheet to show the serial number and device of each location

2. Send the spreadsheet to [email protected] and we will arrange for the configuration of the screens to be completed.

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